We live in an ever-changing world, and both the properties industry and the nature of advertising are changing with it. We can attribute a lot of this to the introduction of digital media into all sectors of our lives; though especially where advertising, marketing, buying and selling are concerned.

As these changes occur, realtors and advertising companies need to be able to keep up with changing demands, dynamics and industries; and as such, new technologies need to be developed and leveraged off of to ensure that industry players stay ahead of the ever-strengthening competition, which is likely trying to do the same thing.

Enter Applord, with their answer to the needs that these changes are creating; a digital platform that transforms traditional advertising mediums and property listings so that they are integrated with the digital world; a revolutionarily new mobile application called PropAR, that uses augmented reality to diversify the functionality of property listings.

What is PropAR?

In short, PropAR is an augmented reality app for mobile devices that can be used to scan images from newspapers and magazines to access additional information, videos and images associated with that picture.

The image being scanned needs to have the PropAR icon in it, and when recognised in the scan, the app pulls up loads of additional information about it. This can be used by realtors and home buyers to explore a property from the comfort of their phone, using nothing but a simple image from a newspaper or magazine.

The results can bring up any form of media that the advertiser wants tied to the image. It could be a 360 image that gives you a walkthrough of the property, a video showcasing each of its features, additional information in the form of text and can even tag its location to Google Maps.

Expanding on to Print Media

The way in which this app leverages off of print media could have profound implications  on the way print media is engaged with in the near future. In a world where we are all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, a solution that creates less of a dependence on print (without eliminating the need for it) is a huge advantage. The approach to advertising that this app could open up means that far less advertising space would be needed for print media, which means that fewer planetary resources will be exhausted in their creation, leading to a smaller carbon-footprint.

The implications for the print industry are also beneficial, in that the app breathes new life into analogous media in such a way as to re-imbue it functionality and practicality. It’s not often you see a new digital concept come out that actually expands on print media, instead of taking away from it.

Its Benefits to Realtors

For realtors, the PropAR app holds a number of benefits by providing them with a new, interactive and cost effective means of showcasing the properties in their charge.

It makes the logistics of showing houses to prospective buyers and renters that much easier. A simple image can be sent to prospective buyers and accessed through the app to give them an interactive walkthrough of the property, complete with pricing and information.

In terms of attracting buyers, this app makes the sale all the more attractive since it allows customers deeper interactions with advertising media, which builds confidence and raises the chances of striking a sale or agreement.

Its Benefits to Buyers

For buyers, a better look at the property they are interested in can be done relatively easily. Traditional media leaves a lot to the imagination, and because of this, buyers may face disappointment when seeing the property for themselves. This app, on the other hand, makes it possible for them to have an in-depth exploration of the house or property in question, arming them with more information before they commit to an agreement.

An Application to Multiple Industries

The application of this app creates a set of opportunities for use in a range of other applications. Perhaps in the near future we can see it being used to showcase products, run competitions and to create brand awareness. The thing about technologies as innovative as this app, is that they tend to create a new way of engaging with media that quickly finds a valuable place in society.

Download the PropAR App Today

To find out more about using this app, as well as its applications and benefits, or to use it to showcase your properties, contact a representative from Applord today.


Barry Visto

Barry Visto

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