In this digital age, you would be hard-pressed to find a person who interacts with electronic devices who has not had some experience with cloud storage.

Cloud storage represents a significant move from the use of analogue systems to digital ones, in that they enable people to store digital information on a widely accessible, secure and effective platform.

Cloud storage, because of this, has become an iconic symbol of the digital age, and so it lays the groundwork for the perfect metaphor for your own career in digital marketing.

Why? Because developing your own skills in a digital industry will make you as valuable to many industries as this form of storage. It will allow you to provide crucial digital marketing services to companies which will enable them and you to grow; much like the capacity of an online storage drive.

But what is digital marketing? What does it entail? And how can you become a part of this lucrative and exciting profession?

How Can you Specialise

The term digital marketing is an umbrella term that describes a cohesive interaction of a range of online marketing objectives. These include search engine optimisation (SEO), web and app development, graphics and video production, and social media marketing, to name a few.


Search engine optimisation involves managing the elements that affect a website’s search engine rankings on platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It involves selecting the best use of organic keywords, building back-link profiles and ensuring that websites are carefully set out in such a way as to adhere to search engine best practices.

A skilled SEO expert should be able to grow a client’s marketing efforts through the management of web campaigns alone; though as important as SEO is, it’s not the only essential part of digital marketing.

Web and App Development

Website and mobile application development forms the cornerstone of many digital marketing efforts. Before search engine optimisation, or marketing an app can begin, a website or app will first need to be built respectively.

These fields represent one of the most creative and challenging aspects of digital marketing, but also one of the most rewarding for your clients.

Graphics, Animation and Video Production

There is a need for eye-grabbing aesthetics in all marketing campaigns, and digital strategies are no different.

The creation of rich-media is an important part of any digital campaign, since strategies need to closely match a client’s corporate identity and their projected image of themselves.

All of this media can either be used in article writing, web development, social media marketing, and even below-the-line advertising; making them essential and irreplaceable skills to hold.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important facet for many marketing strategies, and as such have given their users an exceptional competitive advantage.

More and more users are shopping for and investigating brands using mobile devices and social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube; making social media marketing an ever-more important skill for marketers to have.

Developing your Skills Online

There are many ways in which energetic and proactive budding marketers can grow these skills, and one not look very far to find the right resources. Being an industry governed by the principles and use of digital media, there are many online courses that you could choose to take part in, in order to deliver these skills.

Take care, however, especially when building skills in a professional capacity, to use an institution that can provide adequate accreditation (with a digital marketing diploma)and conduct thorough enough courses to give you the best possible head-start in the industry.

Contact the RCM School of Excellence Digital College for Details

To find out more about how our digital college can assist you in building these skills, be sure to contact a representative from the RCM School of Excellence Digital College today, or visit our website for additional details on our courses, offers and pricing.


Susan Butter

Susan Butter

Susan Butter specialises in client services in the digital industry, but also knows a thing or two about hosting, business-business marketing and analytics. If years in the industry have taught her anything it’s that there is always more to learn; which means that there is always more that she can teach you.

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