It has been no secret that in the past few years that parents have been struggling to enrol their children in school. There have been many trials and errors to get all the children of South Africa in the right schools at the beginning of each year.

There have not been enough space at certain schools to accommodate all the students, and this has led to overcrowding, and very long waiting lists. This is a frustrating process for everyone involved, including the students, the parents and the teachers.

Surely there has to be a more structured and simplified way to get the children in their seats and ready to learn on the first day of the first term.

Moving Forward

The Department of Education has thankfully taken these concerns seriously and created an online platform to connect parents and schools. They have created an online admissions system for parents to easily use to fill out all their details and enrol their children at school.

This process is a guided form that allows parents to fill in their details which saves them time when using Google Chrome; it uses the Google Maps feature to help get accurate work and home addresses.

The new system is taking placements for students enrolling in public schools for 2019. This system is here to enrol students from grade 1 to grade 8 for 2019.

Parents have until May 28 2018 to enrol their children. This gives the schools ample time to prepare themselves for the students, as well as give parents an indication of where their children sit on the waiting lists. There is a lot of admin involved to sort out the student enrolments. The new online system is designed to make this process easier for everyone.

The earlier a parent enrols their children in school the better it is for everyone involved.

The Process

The whole process works on a first-come-first-serve basis, while giving certain students priority placements. These priority placements for all the schools will be bases according to their parents’ home and work addresses; the closer the students live to the school, or how close their parents work from the school will justify their placement on the priority list. They are also placed on a priority list if the school is near a high school and it has been identified that the student has a sibling in that high school.

The Department of Education has not forgotten about parents who do not have internet access or parents that require face-to-face assistance. The department has created 65 admissions centres for parents to visit throughout the 15 various school districts of the country.

This will hopefully help all students get into a school and have access to their learning materials in the beginning of 2019.

The Department will then inform parents of their child’s placements at school from July 2018. This requires parents to confirm or deny the placement offer within seven days of receiving the offer. It will help all the schools get prepared for students as they are aware of who will be attending which school, and the necessary materials such as furniture and learning and teaching materials can be ready for the next academic year.

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