Vero is the new social media platform on the block, and it has become a competitor against Instagram, although it might not have made such a large splash on the scene, that hasn’t stopped it from trying to reach out and grow. They are doing exactly the same as what every other social media platform has done before it gained the popularity that we all know them to have. This new social media platform is designed to show all content first as it is created, which others used to do until they created complex and aggravating algorithms.


So many other social media platforms have come and gone while most of us haven’t even noticed. However, sometimes there are the few exceptions that have allowed us to share a piece of ourselves with others and engage in the most amazing content that we just can’t seem to get enough of. What makes these platforms successful? Well it starts with satisfying a need that other platforms are neglecting, along with a great and easy layout, and of course it has to offer amazing content from everyone’s friends.


This platform has been around for a few years, but it has taken some time for it to make some mark on the map and reach more users. Recently is has gotten the attention of people and artists who promote their art using a visual element such as tattoo artists, skateboarders, photographers and videographers. The platform is designed to let the users share their content with their selected audiences and people can follow things that they want to, such as only following a certain user’s images while following someone else’s music suggestions.


Humans are social creatures and technology is making that easier for us every day. Do you have a new social media platform idea or would you like to use social media to market your brand? Contact Right Click Media Australia to make your social mark!

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