Shared Hosting and Virtual Hosting

In our previous posts, we have discussed the various forms of hosting services offered to website owners, touching on the most common types; namely dedicated, shared and virtual hosting; each of which serves a very particular purpose, and is therefore beneficial to particular companies of varying sizes and complexity. Here we will outline a few other forms of web hosting that are better for more specialised needs; though before we do that, lets quickly recap some of the most common forms.

Dedicated Hosting

When you register a domain with dedicated hosting, you essentially acquire all of the hardware on the server for yourself. This differs from shared or virtual hosting, for instance, where a number of domains share the resources of a single server. It is considerably more costly, but gives webmasters greater control and flexibility over their site. It is one of the most common forms of hosting, being ideal for a range of complexity and business scales.

Root Server Hosting

Root server hosting combines the best of virtual and dedicated hosting into one solution. Through it, certain resources on the server will be shared with other domains, such as the CPU capacity and RAM. However, where it counts, websites will be allocated their own resources such as hard-drive space. This means that it can be done at less of a cost while still giving website administrators full control over their portion of the server; without limiting their stability and performance.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is not necessarily marketed to web administrators, but rather to businesses that pass on hosting services; hence the tag, reseller hosting. This type of hosting is highly specialised and is often only possible with special agreements with hosting companies. This needs to be the case since cost-effectiveness is essential for reseller hosting to work, but the capacity of resources used is generally exceptionally high. In doing this, a web-hosting company can host your clients’ domains under your brand.

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