Savvy marketing professionals understand that Facebook is not simply a social media platform, that when put in the right hands, it can be used as a powerful digital marketing tool for campaigns on all kinds and sizes of businesses. It does this through two primary methods, each well purposed to the needs of a variety of businesses:

Firstly, a company can set up a Facebook Business Page in order to interact with their target audience through social channels.

And secondly, a Facebook Lead Generation campaign can be undertaken to promote products, brands and services in a way that allows for communication between clients and companies directly through Facebook.

Each of these features can be a remarkably powerful marketing tool when approached properly, so to help your business get the most out of its presence on social media, lets discuss each of these two features in a little more detail; starting with Facebook business pages and moving on to its Lead Generation functionality.

What are Facebook Business Pages?

Facebook business pages provide the ideal, cost-effective means for businesses to engage meaningfully with their customers and target audience. Anyone with a Facebook profile can set up a business page, and when doing so will automatically become its administrator. Any of their audience members who like this page will then receive updates and news concerning the business on their own news-feed. This puts your product, service or brand directly in front of an audience that is actively searching for it, using the channels that they use the most.

Why Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

There are many reasons why businesses should set up pages on Facebook. Firstly, you may be tempted to use your personal Facebook profile to communicate with customers. Besides looking unprofessional, this approach is in contravention with Facebook terms, whereby a personal profile should only represent the individual who created it, and nothing more.

Additionally, setting up a Facebook business page will give you access to insights and metrics which allow you to gauge the performance of your campaign and make adjustments wherever they are needed. But this is but one advantage to having a Facebook Page, let’s explore a few more:

The Benefits of a Facebook Business Page:

  • A Facebook business page helps you to connect with your customers more easily, and puts your business right in front of interested parties.
  • A Facebook business pages gives you access to insights and metrics to measure the performance of your marketing efforts.
  • A business page allows you to assign roles to users who are involved in your business, giving you full control over who gets to do what on your page.
  • With a Facebook Business page, you can boost posts and create ads to ensure that your message has a greater reach.

As you can see there are a number of advantages to setting up a Facebook Business Page, but this is not the only way in which the social media giant can assist you with your marketing efforts. Facebook Lead Gen is another one, and it is incredibly effective.

What is Facebook Lead Generation?

Facebook Lead Generation can be conducted on both Facebook and on Instagram. It allows your audience to show an interest in your product, service or brand by letting them fill out a form of questions so that your business can follow up on them. This is done by creating a post that when clicked on, presents users with a form that may contain questions on contact information, or any other customised templates that allow you to get feedback or info from your audience.

Facebook Lead Generation forms can also be customised with specific questions for your particular needs, and as such can be used for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Getting estimates on prices for services or products
  • Following up on requests for calls and information
  • Providing customers with crucial business information.

These of course represent but a few of the ways in which Lead Generation can be used, the specifics depend largely on your own creative approach.

The Benefits of Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns

There are a number of benefits associated with Facebook Lead Generation campaigns, and with the right approach, they could apply to your own marketing strategy:

  • Lead generation ads come with forms included, which means that there is no need to create a landing page for your audience to follow. They will instead be taken directly to a form where they can provide you with information.
  • Customised questions in forms allow you to take a personalised approach to lead generation, and may even use the feature to conduct research into your target audience.
  • All leads produced through Facebook Lead Generation can be downloaded at will, or can be seamlessly integrated into personalised lead management suites or CRM software. This means that your leads will come to you in whichever format you need them to.

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