The city of Johannesburg is toughening up on their approach to outdoor advertising, and while those who adhere to the guidelines set out by government have nothing to worry about, the staggering number of companies who have advertised illegally absolutely will.

Police have been ordered to move through the city removing any instances of illegal outdoor advertising, and taking down the details of the offending companies so that they can contact them and hold them liable for damage to city infrastructure, and many companies that attempted to cut the cost of advertising by doing it illegally, are now paying a hefty price.

While outdoor advertising is regarded as a necessary part of modern-day life that stimulates commerce, it is also widely regarded as an eye-sore that tarnishes Johannesburg’s natural and city-scapes. They contribute to light pollution, cause distractions on the road and hold a number of other cons.

With all of this coming to light, we at Right Click Media feel that now is the perfect time to remind you of a much better alternative, digital marketing. Particularly on the Google Display Network and on YouTube.

Though before we get to the benefits of these platforms, lets first explore a few reasons why outdoor advertising is starting to lose its appeal:

Exposure May Be Frequent, but it is Short

One of the major advantages to outdoor advertising over others is the high frequency of exposure they offer, since people will likely drive past them a number of times during their cycle. However, how much of a driver’s attention do they actually grab, especially those that are on highways?

While exposure is frequent, it is also very short, with viewers often concentrating on many other things that vie for their attention, ultimately undermining the effectiveness of the billboard. Because of this, they tend to not have the impact that they advertise.

Targeting is Limited to Location

Billboards are fixed, that is to say that they cannot be relocated with any measure of ease. This means that once your space is booked, paid for and used, that that is the only area it will be displayed. This means that audience targeting with billboards can only be done according to location, whereas other media can target your audience according to interests, demographics, and many other facets.

May be Counter Productive (Especially in Residential Areas)

Outdoor advertising is starting to inundate our surrounding scenery, and while some choose not to notice the pandemic-like spread of flashy messages all over our streets, it is enough to create a bad image of a brand for some. In many cases, your audience may regard an outdoor campaign as irresponsible, invasive and annoying, which will undermine the message you are aiming to send, and can even paint your company in a bad light.

One of the Most Expensive Advertising Formats

Bar maybe television and radio, billboard and street-pole advertising has one of the highest costs-per-lead in the industry. And when you consider the limitations on audience targeting, exposure, mobility and measurability, the price per lead simply doesn’t make the cost of outdoor advertising worth-while. Massive brands with the money to spend may find it simple to use billboards to maintain their brand’s presence, but when it comes to medium and small businesses, this approach is rarely ever viable.

They Contribute to a Failing Environment

One of the most pressing concerns surrounding outdoor advertising, is its impact on the environment. As stated in this introduction, the city of Johannesburg is a fine example of what outdoor advertising can look like when it gets carried away, and when it does it becomes little more than clutter. But then there is still the concern of what happens to the ad once it is taken down. What happens to the resources used to make the billboard in the first-place? Generally, they find their way to a scrap-heap where they fester and add to the woes of the environment. This makes outdoor advertising a wildly irresponsible form of advertising.

Using the Google Display Network for Marketing

The Google Display Network makes up one of the largest shares for online advertising with a reach of just over 90% of all internet users. This automatically makes it an appealing approach since it allows you to reach a higher number of quantifiable audience members.

When we say quantifiable, we mean that you are able to gauge exactly how many people are engaging with your campaign, where they come from and what their interests are in order to adjust your campaign wherever the need arises. This allows you to target specific audience members who are most likely to take an interest in your brand, services or products.

The availability of metrics and targeting also allows you to retarget and to remarket to your most active and interested audience members, essentially strengthening your brand presence.

The Display Network also gives you greater control over your costs since it works on a bidding process. This allows you to get a better idea of your spend, and allows you to enact strategies that keep your advertising costs low while bolstering the campaign’s effectiveness.

Using YouTube for Marketing

YouTube offers a particularly interactive way for you and your audience to engage with each other, and also does it at a fraction of the cost of other media, though this is not the strongest point behind its approach. Currently, YouTube has a reach of over 1 billion users, giving your message the widest range of possibilities on the net.

Aside from that, it is as highly targetable as the Display Network and is also measurable and adjustable. Videos and ads on YouTube also enjoy an indefinite lifespan once uploaded, which means that your message could still reach your audience long after your campaign has moved on; if you so desire. It also offers a communal way for your message to be spread through sharing, which provides a word-of-mouth type of advertising by which your audience share your videos on social media, effectively strengthening its reach.

Contact Right Click Media for Details

Looking at this comparison, it is easy to see why digital advertising media are a better bet that traditional ones. They are more cost effective, can be easily measured in terms of their effectiveness and are highly targetable.

If you would like to know more about having a Google Display campaign setup, or would like assistance with YouTube marketing, contact a representative from Right Click Media today, or visit our website for further details.

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