There are many different hosting server packages that website owners can commit to when setting up their sites, and each one comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages depending on what it is being used for. These factors may differ according to the size and complexity of the website, the owner’s budget and the availability of hosting packages by the company they are working with.

What is IP-Based Hosting?

When it comes to shared servers, there are two major types of hosting you can get.

The first is name based hosting, by which a number of domains with separate names all share the same IP address and resources for hosting. With this type customisation is limited, but then so too are the costs of hosting.

IP-based hosting, on the other hand, takes the approach by which each site is hosted with its own, unique IP address, allowing it full allocation of the resources of the machine being used to host. While it generally comes at a slightly higher cost than name-based hosting, it also holds a number of advantages and features in comparison.

SSL Certification

SSL certification offers an additional layer of security to websites, and in this day and age is an expectation of many web-users that the sites they visit are properly secured; especially where personal information and account details are given out. Enacting additional SSL certification requires a trusted IP to be registered, which can be done simply with IP-based hosting.

Setting Up File Transfer Protocols

Any sites that require files to be transferred over its network needs to have the appropriate infrastructure in place, in the form of FTP services. These services allow users to exchange files between server accounts and computers and allow online archives to be accessed by users. In order to set up file transfer protocols, an IP-based hosting server will need to be in place.

Running Scripts and Extensions

An IP-based hosting server will also allow you to make use of additional scripts, extensions, software and appliances over your network. This can be used for CCTV cameras, L2RP protocols, router access and much more. With custom scripts you can also give unique functionality to your website or app. However, in order for this to happen, you will need to be using an IP-based host.

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